Finally Grown-up! Sort of.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day that for me always seems to mark a sort of bittersweet looking back and remarking on how different my life is than it used to be. I think back to when I was in college and half-stumbling around Cleveland with my dearest friends, winning Guinness-chugging contests at 6am and stealing life-sized jointed leprechauns from bars so I could hang them up in my apartment. I look back, and then I look at now and think about how different things are, how long ago that seems, how much I’d like to take a brief vacation in that time so I could revisit it, again.

But I forgot to do that today, until I remembered just now, at almost 2pm. And I’m still not really looking back so much as I am remembering looking back.

That first St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland was 13 years ago, now. That’s mind-blowing to me, that something that happened to me during my adulthood could have happened 13 years ago. But there is is, 13 years are gone and here I am.

I dressed Juniper in a green dress today, and she struggled because she is going through this stage where she DOES NOT WANT TO HOLD STILL for anything, whether it’s a diaper change or a snack or an episode of “Sesame Street”. Bryce chose a green shirt himself, a dark-and-acid-green-striped one that clashes nicely with his blue and red plaid pants. I remembered to wear my green sweater, and I own many more green options than I did back in the day. When Juniper wakes up from her nap, we’re heading over to my friend’s house for a St. Patrick’s Day playdate, complete with jello jigglers and Irish Beef Stew. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and that means something different now than it used to for me.

And mostly, that’s Ok.


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