Bryce walks into the room as I’m giving Juniper her sippy cup of milk and reading her a book to help her wind down for her nap. He is holding a pot and a wooden spoon, and begins vigorously drumming.

“Please don’t do that,” I implore. “I’m trying to get Juniper to settle down for nap time.”

Unfazed, he walks out of the room and returns with two pot lids, which he proceeds to use like cymbals.

“Bryce,” I say with annoyance. “That’s too loud. Please be more quiet right now.”

“But Mama, I want to make music!”

“You can make music later. Right now you need to be quieter.”

He returns with a single chopstick, gives me a look that hovers between rebellion and triumph, and retorts, “I’m going to be the conductor. Conducting is quiet.”. He then commences waving the chopstick around, his eyes never leaving mine.

Totally my kid.


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