I am Bad at Social Media

Well, not that bad. I’m no luddite, for instance. But I can’t seem to keep myself on Twitter, my Tumblr is all but dead, I never went beyond signing up for Google Plus (well, I guess that’s not really so unusual…), and I’m finding myself increasingly annoyed by Facebook and Pinterest.

Also, I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney.

What’s funny is that I used to be pretty Ok at it. I used to be a prolific tweeter and have a regularly-updated tumblr. I used to move in the circles of the Social Media-Savvy.

But now I have two kids, and I can barely seem to piece together enough time to feed them something that’s not freezer-to-microwave (confession: usually it is), much less piece together an interesting and consistent online persona. I have a blog, I don’t blog. I have a twitter account, I don’t tweet. Yada yada yada ad infinitum. 

I think part of the problem is what I am going to call the Duckface Phenomenon. That is to say, somewhere between my time of being Social Media-Savvy and now, the unwashed masses discovered social media and started using it to display How Very Attractive they are. Look at me! Here is a picture. Don’t I look just TERRIBLE with my shirt pulled down like that lol? 



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