Aaaand Now I Fix It.

So, post brain-dump, I really should get in there and come up with some potential solutions to all my stressors, right? Well, I will. Because I’m awesome like that. WOOHOO GO ME

1. MONEY. Ok. So, I don’t really have an exact solution for that. But obviously, we can try to live more frugally. A strange bonus of my impending surgery is that, afterwards, it won’t really make sense to go to restaurants for a while. And when we do, I’ll be eating much less, probably not a meal. So there’s that. Also, hopefully I will find some creative ways to bring in money. The dog-sitting thing? Working harder at the Etsy shop? Actually trying to sell some writing? The job I’m interviewing for? Other jobs? We’ll make it work. Right?

2. SURGERY. So, that’s stressful–that’s fair. But it’s a safe surgery, and I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to. Totally up to me. And I probably won’t die. Right?

3. WEIGHT LOSS. That’s a dumb thing to be stressed about. I’m doing great with the weight loss. I will continue to do great. NBD.

4. JOB INTERVIEW. Well, it got rescheduled for Tuesday. But I feel much more confident after practicing some of my health-speak out loud. Now, it’s going to be up to me whether I want the job, or not. Totally. And I can make that decision.

5. DISNEY. Still there, still a bit stressful. I’m actually totally stressing about telling the teacher right now. But seriously, are they going to kick him out of school? Probably not, right? That’d be asinine. So I probably should just chill.

6. BRYCE. Still a bit stressful, but hopefully things are moving in the right direction? He’s being evaluated at school, we’re working on finding someone for him to talk to. So, hopefully that’s not going to be a Great Big Stressor much longer. Hopefully.

7. WRITING CLASS, SEAN, AUNT MARY. Oh, shut up Stress Puppy Amanda. You’re cool. Everything’s cool. Get over yourself.


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