Something Like a Wellness and/or Life Vision

My body is healthy and strong. I am active and athletic, and do not feel held back either physically or emotionally from the things I want to do in life.

I look good in my clothing. It is easy for me to find attractive, affordable, and fashionable clothing choices that suit me because I wear a size that’s available most anywhere.

I am happy with my career path. I feel fulfilled, useful, valuable and valued. I am content with the financial freedom my earnings allow me and my family.

I hold certifications in health coaching and in other similar areas, and I use them to coach clients both through corporate entities (like Vida) and on an individual basis. I am also either in the process of or actively designing a worksite wellness branch of my coaching.

I write. My short stories are published regularly because I A) write them, B) workshop them thoroughly, and C) submit them regularly. I also am either working on my novel or have completed and am moving on to other steps with my novel. I take my writing seriously, and I take myself seriously as an artist.

I enjoy my Etsy shop. I regularly select items to feature in it, photograph them promptly and keep it up-to-date. Because I have figured out my schedule, this is not an imposition and fits in nicely.

I regularly meet friends for lunch or coffee, and don’t hesitate to reach out to someone when I need or want company.

I am patient with my children, and enjoy the time I spend with them.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. We go out regularly for date nights, and we plan things together that are active and fun and that we both enjoy. We also regularly host other couples or families for gatherings.

My house is neat and orderly enough to not be a humiliation, and I feel like it reflects my style and personality instead of just being a place to dump my shizz.

My attic and basement are not cluttered with crap I need to get rid of. I have gotten rid of it, and now there is room for things I love and value.

I save for retirement and college.

We travel to interesting places–my kids have been outside of the country and enjoy their time traveling to exotic locales.


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